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How Big is a ‘Large’ Website? Planning the Content Audit App

August 8, 2011


We’re a couple of weeks into the development of our content audit tool, and are grappling with a number of challenges. These come in two forms: Technical challenges, such as how to crawl a website quickly without affecting the site performance, and how to reverse-engineer the structure of a website from on-page links. Interface challenges, […]

What do you want from a content inventory and audit tool?

July 13, 2011


Content inventories and audits are essential weapons in the content strategist’s eternal fight against purposeless and neglected content. While the process of conducting a manual inventory has value in itself, it is also prone to errors and inconsistencies. We think there must be a better way. We plan to build a tool that significantly expedites and improves […]

Do Some US Cities Use Twitter Hashtags More Than Others?

March 15, 2011


The short answer: probably not. Last week we asked, “Content Strategy: When Will it Break Out of Coastal US?“, a brief analysis of the geography of content strategy tweets, to which Clinton of Brain Traffic rightly questioned: What about the links or discussions not labeled explicitly as Content Strategy? My initial response was that explicitly […]

Web Strategy Twitter Trends: How it Works

February 28, 2011


Over the weekend we decided to build a tool to help us keep track of what’s happening in content strategy, UX and other web strategy topics. And lo Web Strategy Twitter Trends was Frankensteined together, kind of like a TweetMeme designed specifically for our industry. This is how it works. It starts off with a […]

Content Strategy, IA, UX or SEO: What’s My Problem?

November 29, 2010


With a growing number of ambiguous ‘solutions’ made available by web consultants, it can be difficult for a website owner – who can see that her website isn’t achieving it’s potential, but doesn’t know why – to identify the core issues and find relevant help. At Contentini we’re fans of data, evidence and an analytical […]

Hospitality and the Web: Six Reminders from Attending a Bad Event

October 7, 2010


Last year I attended an event at an independent art gallery in London’s Hoxton area. In my previous life in Canada, I had been very involved in and committed to the arts community; it had been such a vital part of my identity and I was keen to rediscover and reconnect with that part of […]