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Writing Better: Tips for Avoiding Cliches, Jargon and Other Filler

September 20, 2010


When I was in school the length of my content was often dictated by a minimum and sometimes maximum word count that was predetermined by the teacher. An essay assignment was handed out and every one of us was given the same rigid parameters no matter what our chosen topic or our personal style of […]

Content Strategists: What Do They Do?

June 18, 2010


A rather rare beast is the content strategist: at the time of writing, only 763 people on LinkedIn use the phrase in their current job title. Ironically, the reason for this low number may not be the relative youth of the professional title, but the words it comprises. Like management consultant, both words represent ambiguous, […]

What Can Web Content Writers Learn From Great Songwriting?

June 7, 2010


“Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was good friend of mine” Joy to the World opening lyric, by Hoyt Axton A powerful or unusual opening song lyric immediately grabs attention and demands further listening. Capturing attention is more critical than ever for popular music, as the audience has increasingly easy access to free music. The same is […]

Blog Title Optimization: 6 Simple Steps for SEO Copywriters

May 15, 2010


As most SEO copywriters know, to maximize the impact of web content it’s important to expertly craft a title, perhaps as carefully as the content itself. The content title is typically used as both the page <title> and the main page heading (<h1> or <h2>), both of which heavily influence search engines rankings (EDIT, 21 […]