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Should I create one page per service/product/feature or a single page that lists them all?

November 29, 2011


I was recently asked this question by email, and thought it would be useful to share my reply in a blog post. I can’t really answer the question from the more interesting angle – the psychology and expectations of your potential customers – but I can tell you what the data says; the evidence-based approach. […]

Content Strategy, IA, UX or SEO: What’s My Problem?

November 29, 2010


With a growing number of ambiguous ‘solutions’ made available by web consultants, it can be difficult for a website owner – who can see that her website isn’t achieving it’s potential, but doesn’t know why – to identify the core issues and find relevant help. At Contentini we’re fans of data, evidence and an analytical […]

Why Link Bait Should be Part of Your Editorial Strategy

October 27, 2010


Link bait is an ugly term. Unless you’re a fisherman, ‘bait’ in particular, whether used as a noun or a verb, doesn’t paint a very nice picture. Personally I imagine impaled worms wiggling on hooks or the act of luring someone in with an empty promise or offering. Not nice. In the web world, the […]

Why You Need an Auxiliary Low PageRank Site – Content Strategy Tip

July 12, 2010


I regularly contribute to a lot of blogs; maybe a dozen or so. One of these is Lame But Cool, which is essentially used as a glorified Amazon wishlist. I post once a week, with whatever cool looking things I’ve found on Amazon. It is not a good website and not much more than a […]

The Hierarchy of Business Needs as Content Strategy

July 7, 2010


Content without purpose is not content – it’s noise. More often than not, the purpose of content is to fullfil a need. This could be the need of the author (to make money, to gain reputation), the need of the reader (to be more productive, to be entertained), or preferably both. I’ve written elsewhere about personal/consumer […]

Minimum Viable SEO – Content Strategy Tip

June 23, 2010


Google reportedly uses over 300 factors to decide the ranking of each result on a search results page. They keep most of these secret, of course, so it’s up to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts to work out what they are, and their relative importance to one another. Once we know what they are, we […]