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Should Customer Conversations Influence Content Strategy?

March 18, 2011


Regular readers may have guessed from recent posts that I have a Twitter obsession. Let me tell you why: for the first time, Twitter has endowed us with the ability to query and analyze conversations, opinions and proclamations. In real-time. For free. I don’t feel like we’ve fully grasped this yet. People all over the world are talking […]

Content Strategy: When Will it Break Out of Coastal US?

March 10, 2011


According to Google search figures, interest in Content Strategy has been growing steadily since early 2009. It’s a relatively new term in web strategy circles, but not that new: it has a year up on Social Media Strategy, for example. I’ve been watching the Content Strategy Twitter Trends tool over the last week and was […]

Going Global: The Realities & Constraints of an International Content Strategy

January 11, 2011


Hello. My name is Amy and I am a travel-holic. In the past nine months I’ve visited nine countries on four different continents, I’ve taken roughly 13 flights, one three-day drive across Western Canada (Vancouver to Saskatchewan and back), one sleeper train, one night on a junk ship on the Pacific Ocean, a handful of […]

Content Strategy, IA, UX or SEO: What’s My Problem?

November 29, 2010


With a growing number of ambiguous ‘solutions’ made available by web consultants, it can be difficult for a website owner – who can see that her website isn’t achieving it’s potential, but doesn’t know why – to identify the core issues and find relevant help. At Contentini we’re fans of data, evidence and an analytical […]

The Gold Rush: What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Social Media Consultant

November 15, 2010


It will come as no surprise to most of you when I say that social media has become an important – some might argue the most important – channel for doing business. All you need to do is look at Alexa to see that social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook represent the majority of […]

Why Link Bait Should be Part of Your Editorial Strategy

October 27, 2010


Link bait is an ugly term. Unless you’re a fisherman, ‘bait’ in particular, whether used as a noun or a verb, doesn’t paint a very nice picture. Personally I imagine impaled worms wiggling on hooks or the act of luring someone in with an empty promise or offering. Not nice. In the web world, the […]