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The Importance of Strategic Micro Copy: An iTunes Case Study

March 28, 2011


I’ve written about the importance if micro copy before on Contentini and the other day I happened on an example that demonstrates exactly how disruptive poor micro content can be. The application in question is Apple’s iTunes. The problems I encountered resulted in part from a lack of consideration of the content in their pop […]

Web Content Strategy and UX: Weekly Digest, 27 Mar 2011

March 27, 2011


Our digest this week will be a bit shorter than usual because we’re jet lagged after literally flying half way around the world a few days ago. There’s also been slightly slimmer pickings on the Content Strategy and UX fronts this week, which we are attributing to the post-SXSW hangover many of you are probably […]

Content Strategy and User Experience: Weekly Roundup, 20 Mar 2011

March 20, 2011


Welcome back to your favourite time of the week, the Contentini weekly roundup of content strategy and UX links. Content Strategy Content Talks is the new weekly content strategy podcast hosted by the omnipresent (and possibly omniscient) Kristina Halvorson. If we ever get invited on, we intend to perform Rebecca Black’s Friday a capella with Kristina. […]

Should Customer Conversations Influence Content Strategy?

March 18, 2011


Regular readers may have guessed from recent posts that I have a Twitter obsession. Let me tell you why: for the first time, Twitter has endowed us with the ability to query and analyze conversations, opinions and proclamations. In real-time. For free. I don’t feel like we’ve fully grasped this yet. People all over the world are talking […]

Content Strategy, Google Rankings and QDF

March 16, 2011


We’re slightly obsessed with SEO. It’s an intriguing battle of wordplay, statistics and strategy, with valuable prizes for the victors. One of the tools we rely on for a regular SEO fix is the SEOMoz Rank Tracker tool, which tells us how we’re ranking in Google for our key terms. A few days ago we noticed a […]

Do Some US Cities Use Twitter Hashtags More Than Others?

March 15, 2011


The short answer: probably not. Last week we asked, “Content Strategy: When Will it Break Out of Coastal US?“, a brief analysis of the geography of content strategy tweets, to which Clinton of Brain Traffic rightly questioned: What about the links or discussions not labeled explicitly as Content Strategy? My initial response was that explicitly […]