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What You Need to Know Before Writing Your RFP

February 14, 2011


A few weeks ago I was sent an RFP (Request for Proposal) for a potentially exciting project with a client I would love to work with again. As a smaller organization with no dedicated web team, they do what they can with very limited resources. I know what that’s like: hey, I used to work […]

Announcing the Content Strategy Design Pattern Library

January 17, 2011


We’re pleased to announce the launch of a small side-project that we’ve been working on for the past few days, the Content Strategy Design Pattern Library ( Apart from having five nouns in its name, the project is also something of an experiment for us. The website is an open collaborative space – a wiki […]

Going Global: The Realities & Constraints of an International Content Strategy

January 11, 2011


Hello. My name is Amy and I am a travel-holic. In the past nine months I’ve visited nine countries on four different continents, I’ve taken roughly 13 flights, one three-day drive across Western Canada (Vancouver to Saskatchewan and back), one sleeper train, one night on a junk ship on the Pacific Ocean, a handful of […]

The Kill Zone: Content Strategy and Executing Dead Content

December 17, 2010


No one starts a project hoping that it will fail. In fact, many of us seem to have boundless optimism and in spite of statistics that warn us of the huge potential for failure in almost everything we set out to do, we race along, excited and hopeful that we’re the exception. I’m the same […]

Content Strategy, IA, UX or SEO: What’s My Problem?

November 29, 2010


With a growing number of ambiguous ‘solutions’ made available by web consultants, it can be difficult for a website owner – who can see that her website isn’t achieving it’s potential, but doesn’t know why – to identify the core issues and find relevant help. At Contentini we’re fans of data, evidence and an analytical […]

Micro Copy: Content Strategy and Writing the User Interface

November 22, 2010


When we think about writing, planning or implementing copy for the web, most of us probably picture longer form text: blogs, about pages and information on products and services. As content strategists we audit websites and try to come up with holistic content solutions for our clients. But apart from Help content, we rarely talk about […]