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The Hierarchy of Business Needs as Content Strategy

July 7, 2010


Content without purpose is not content – it’s noise. More often than not, the purpose of content is to fullfil a need. This could be the need of the author (to make money, to gain reputation), the need of the reader (to be more productive, to be entertained), or preferably both. I’ve¬†written elsewhere about personal/consumer […]

Tumblr to WordPress: Easy Web Content Migration Tip

May 15, 2010


A number of people, myself included, are migrating blog content from Tumblr to¬†WordPress, mostly because of the limited extensibility and SEO capabilities of Tumblr templates, including a lack of headings for images and limited ability to build-up SEO-friendly on-page comments and other user generated content. Tumblr is an excellent platform for simplicity, but sometimes you […]