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Content Strategy, IA, UX or SEO: What’s My Problem?

November 29, 2010


With a growing number of ambiguous ‘solutions’ made available by web consultants, it can be difficult for a website owner – who can see that her website isn’t achieving it’s potential, but doesn’t know why – to identify the core issues and find relevant help. At Contentini we’re fans of data, evidence and an analytical […]

Web App Strategy: Why Market Research is Important and Doing It For Free

June 1, 2010


Strategic thinking is experiencing a renaissance on the web through content strategy, which is giving web authors and managers the tools they need to consistently create successful digital content. In more technical circles, however, strategy is often still overlooked in favour of just doing it. Although this eager tactic has some merit, this article demonstrates […]

Digital Content Strategy Tip: Protect Large Data Sets with Fictitious Entries

May 15, 2010


Web content publishers spend sizeable amounts of time and money on content quality control: fact checking, spell checking, grammar checking, copy editing, proofreading and house style checks. Mistakes are to be eliminated at all costs. If you own a large data set, minor deliberate errors can help to protect your data from plagiarism: Fictitious entries, […]