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A Customer Service Manifesto: Consumer Satisfaction is the Future of Business

August 18, 2010


We recently completed some work for the consumer complaint start-up Groubal. When preparing a survey of customer satisfaction complaints on Twitter for their blog we were struck by how companies knowingly cause customer dissatisfaction through cost-savings in customer support, and how poor customer service has become almost expected. Many of us have come to accept […]

Minimum Viable SEO – Content Strategy Tip

June 23, 2010


Google reportedly uses over 300 factors to decide the ranking of each result on a search results page. They keep most of these secret, of course, so it’s up to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts to work out what they are, and their relative importance to one another. Once we know what they are, we […]

Content Strategy – The New Gold Rush

June 11, 2010


Let’s not beat around the bush: everyone hates SEO consultants, and I don’t just mean a metaphorical hate; I mean a literal, nauseating, punch-in-the-face-fantasy kind of hate. A long time ago, in an Internet far, far away, search engine optimization was a niche subject. A few curious people started to research ranking algorithms and calculate […]