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The Hierarchy of Business Needs as Content Strategy

July 7, 2010


Content without purpose is not content – it’s noise. More often than not, the purpose of content is to fullfil a need. This could be the need of the author (to make money, to gain reputation), the need of the reader (to be more productive, to be entertained), or preferably both. I’ve¬†written elsewhere about personal/consumer […]

Web App Strategy: Why Market Research is Important and Doing It For Free

June 1, 2010


Strategic thinking is experiencing a renaissance on the web through content strategy, which is giving web authors and managers the tools they need to consistently create successful digital content. In more technical circles, however, strategy is often still overlooked in favour of just doing it. Although this eager tactic has some merit, this article demonstrates […]

Blog Content Strategy Tip: Use a Proxy RSS URL

May 14, 2010


Migrating your blog from one platform to another is sometimes a necessary evil, if the change will bring better SEO opportunities or improve flexibility in the long term. Mapping URLs from your old blog posts to your new blog posts is fairly straightforward, and can be easily achieved with Apache or other server-level redirects. This […]