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Micro Copy: Content Strategy and Writing the User Interface

November 22, 2010


When we think about writing, planning or implementing copy for the web, most of us probably picture longer form text: blogs, about pages and information on products and services. As content strategists we audit websites and try to come up with holistic content solutions for our clients. But apart from Help content, we rarely talk about […]

Why Link Bait Should be Part of Your Editorial Strategy

October 27, 2010


Link bait is an ugly term. Unless you’re a fisherman, ‘bait’ in particular, whether used as a noun or a verb, doesn’t paint a very nice picture. Personally I imagine impaled worms wiggling on hooks or the act of luring someone in with an empty promise or offering. Not nice. In the web world, the […]

Writing Better: Tips for Avoiding Cliches, Jargon and Other Filler

September 20, 2010


When I was in school the length of my content was often dictated by a minimum and sometimes maximum word count that was predetermined by the teacher. An essay assignment was handed out and every one of us was given the same rigid parameters no matter what our chosen topic or our personal style of […]

How Much Does a Content Strategist Cost?

August 4, 2010


Towards the end of July 2010, we asked content strategists to complete an anonymous survey about their day rates. We’d like to thank all 42 people who replied and made the results in this post possible. Most of the survey respondents (32 people) charge $USD, which makes this currency the most interesting to analyze. We’ll also take […]

Why You Need an Auxiliary Low PageRank Site – Content Strategy Tip

July 12, 2010


I regularly contribute to a lot of blogs; maybe a dozen or so. One of these is Lame But Cool, which is essentially used as a glorified Amazon wishlist. I post once a week, with whatever cool looking things I’ve found on Amazon. It is not a good website and not much more than a […]

When Bad Comments Happen to Good Websites: Strategies for Managing Comments Online

July 1, 2010


The politics of online commenting can be a big concern for web managers. If you don’t have any or many comments on your website, chances are you want more and are looking for new ways to encourage your visitors to weigh in. If you have them, you may be in the enviable position of trying […]