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Should I create one page per service/product/feature or a single page that lists them all?

November 29, 2011


I was recently asked this question by email, and thought it would be useful to share my reply in a blog post. I can’t really answer the question from the more interesting angle – the psychology and expectations of your potential customers – but I can tell you what the data says; the evidence-based approach. […]

How Big is a ‘Large’ Website? Planning the Content Audit App

August 8, 2011


We’re a couple of weeks into the development of our content audit tool, and are grappling with a number of challenges. These come in two forms: Technical challenges, such as how to crawl a website quickly without affecting the site performance, and how to reverse-engineer the structure of a website from on-page links. Interface challenges, […]

Web Content Strategy: Sites vs Apps